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4 essential values continuously guide our activity

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With respect to other financial intermediaries in the absence of any connection to banks or other financial institutions

Unlike companies selected for investment, no mandate is exercised within these companies

With respect to depositary banks whose free choice is left to the client and in the absence of retrocessions on the management operations initiated

In the selection of investment products, especially in the selection of the most reputable investment fund promoters or structured products

The absence of any conflict of interest, combined with a rigorous ethic, guarantees a perfect objectivity towards the sole purpose of better service. This leaves us with total freedom in the choice of our investment tools.

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As part of the management mandate:

→ our clients benefit directly from the preferential terms negotiated with the depositary banks on the brokerage and custody fees, i.e. at a reduced rate

→ not receiving any remuneration based on the transactions carried out, management decisions are made in the sole interest of our clients in order to improve the return on investment.

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Banking specialists and financial specialists with extensive experience in banks and other key institutions

Expertise in the development, management and monitoring of portfolios

Negotiation of credits

Proper diversification in risk management

Connection to a large network of analysts around the world and to the recommendations of several 
prime banks

Access to the best products and specialists in each market segment

Global service that takes into account wealth, estate and tax planning as well as the establishment of asset holding structures such as holding or domiciliary companies, discretionary trusts and family foundations

Optimum security in the choice of depositary banks and investment instruments

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Targeted management of risks

Wealth protection

Optimisation of the management performance in relation to the defined risk profile